Tommy Schober
and the 
Sound of Sorgenbrecher
  • Member's of Tommy's band: left to right
  • Rob Hohentanner - Bass
  • Rich Gerhardt - Accordion, keyboard.
  • Tommy Schober - Saxaphone
  • Gene Bilewicz - Drums 

Tommy Schober has been playing professionally since the age of 14. Tommy and his band is known for their very high energy performances.  The loose translation of the meaning of Sorgenbrecher is "Breakers of Sorrow" which is something the band does very well.  

The Band consist of Tommy, Rich, Gene and Rob.  Gene joined Tommy in 1976 and has played with Tommy the longest.  Rob came back to the band in 2011 after a long hiatus and Rich came back to the band in 2007 after a brief time away.  Many members of the band have come and gone, and back again, but the core of the band - Tommy - has always been there.  His infectious joy and true love of his music keeps everyone coming back time and time again. 
When you watch the band performing you can see how much  fun the band members are having playing their music together. Their energy is absolutely contagious! 

If you have heard Tommy and his band, you know how great they are.  If you haven't you need to join them for a truly memorable evening! 
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